• PWhittle

    After novitiate, our friars ordinarily live at Saint Louis Friary in Washington, DC. There, the formation process continues through training in various ministries.  Father Patrick Whittle, TOR is the Director of Post-Novitiate Formation.  All friars, whether preparing for priesthood or brotherhood, participate in the same formational conferences and workshops about our Franciscan heritage and life. They also work in liturgical ministries at local churches each Sunday, in a volunteer ministry and in various summer ministries.  

    Friars who are called to brotherhood pursue either academic degrees or vocational programs at local educational institutions. These programs, along with courses in theology, will further prepare them for ministry.

    Friars called to the priesthood pursue either the Master of Divinity Degree (MDiv) or the Joint Degree Program (MDiv/STB) at the Catholic University of America in preparation for ordained ministry. They will also spend a year of diaconate internship at one of our parishes or institutions.  

    All friars in temporary vows spend a year of apostolic internship by living at one of our friaries and ministering at one of our province's institutions.