After novitiate, our friars ordinarily live at Saint Louis Friary in Washington, DC. There, the formation process continues through training in various ministries. All friars, whether preparing for priesthood or brotherhood, participate in the same formational conferences and workshops about our Franciscan heritage and life. They also work in liturgical ministries at local churches each Sunday, in a volunteer ministry and in various summer ministries.  

Friars who are called to brotherhood pursue either academic degrees or vocational programs at local educational institutions. These programs, along with courses in theology, will further prepare them for ministry.


Friars called to the priesthood pursue either the Master of Divinity Degree (MDiv) or the Joint Degree Program (MDiv/STB) at the Catholic University of America in preparation for ordained ministry. They will also spend a year of diaconate internship at one of our parishes or institutions.  

All friars in temporary vows spend a year of apostolic internship by living at one of our friaries and ministering at one of our province's institutions. 


    Just a few words that describe what it's like to be a friar.  

    By professing the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience the friars have chosen a special way of following our Lord.  In giving up everything in service of God and their brothers and sisters the friars find what really matters. Hear what a few of our friars have to say about what becoming a friar was like: 

  • Becoming A Friar Was...

    Brother Nathan

    Brother Nathan Meckey, TOR

    Entered August 2009

    ...the beginning of a journey. After entering I really found my vocation and learned what it means to be converted day by day. The journey is ongoing and I'm happy to be a part of the ride.
    Father Dan - 214 BW
    Father Dan - 214 Color
    Father Dan

    Father Dan Pattee, TOR

    Entered August 1979

    Fr. Dan
    ...a faith-response to the call of God to love and serve Christ and His Church by living together with other brothers in poverty, chastity, and obedience. This has meant for me becoming a Franciscan penitent whom God has sent in the spirit of St. Francis.
    Father Michael-214-bw
    Father Michael-214-color
    Father Mike

    Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR

    Entered August 1957

    Father Michael-427
    ...what fulfilled the deepest desire of my life.  I thought being a lawyer on Wall Street would be fulfilling.  I realized all such aspirations faded into the distance compared to becoming a Franciscan priest.
    Father Gregory 214 BW
    Father Gregory 214 Color
    Father Gregory

    Fr. Gregory Plow, TOR

    Entered August 2001

    Father Gregory 247
    ...the beginning of a wonderful lifelong journey in which I seek to conform my life more to Christ's in imitation of St. Francis.
    SB Position 6
    SB Position 6c
    Brother Jason

    Brother Jason Wooleyhan, TOR

    Entered August 2010

    SB Position 6b
    ...many times difficult or challenging, but the difficulties have always been the kind that prove God's providence and healing power.
    Br. Gabe
    Brother Gabe

    Br. Gabriel Amato, TOR

    Entered August 1971

    Br. Gabe response to the Lord's invitation to follow Him in a deeper life of consecration after the example of St. Francis of Assisi.